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Best times to visit The Amazon

Conditions along the Amazon River in Peru divide into two seasons: a high water season from December through May and a low water season that lasts from June until November. 

Weather in this part  of the Amazon remains generally warm with some rainfall even during low water season but  we suggest you consider the following three key point when you choose visit the Amazon:
1. Some rain will fall in whichever season you choose. This is the Amazon Rainforest.
2. You will see spectacular Amazon wildlife, birds and plant life any time of year on the Amazon.
3. In either season, you will definitely see the Amazon River’s rare pink dolphins.

During the high water season, the average temperature is 86°F (30°C), only 12°F (7°C) cooler than in the average low water season.
Benefits of visiting Peru’s Amazon at this time of year include the dramatic high water panorama. The Amazon Basin’s rivers and streams rise about 23 feet (7 meters) higher than during the low water season. Aside from the striking visual affect, this also means that every river, creek and lake is navigable. 
Areas to walk and trek become less accessible at this time of year but this activities is changed by canoing under the top tree flooded completely. 
Fishing in the Amazon River is actually more limited during these high water months too, but you still have close to a 50:50 chance to reel in a memorable catch.

During the Low Water Season on the Amazon: June through November the temperature averaging about 98°F (37°C). 
A key difference between visiting Peru in low season vs. high water season is we can now access the jungle trails that get flooded from December to May, allowing our small groups to follow local Amazonia guides deeper into the jungle by foot, and accompanied by fewer mosquitoes than during the high water season.
Lower water levels, do offer a bonus: good fishing is 100% guaranteed, you even stand a fair chance to catch a piranha.