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Responsible Tourism

Terraverde Hostels  has developed a number of responsible tourism practices with standards set well above the environmental protection requirements of local regulations, specialy at Heliconia Amazon River Lodge.
These include:
Helping Communities 
Terraverde  is equally committed to identifying and helping to meet the needs of the people of Amazonia living in Yanamono Communities near to Heliconia. This includes environmental conservation and protection of natural resources surrounding these communities, and supporting education as well as environmentally friendly ways for these people to earn their living.
The Terreverde  social outreach efforts include:
1. Purchase of Organic food to the people with small lands that grown yuca, bananas , papayas, chilis and others fruits and vegetables 
2. Providing  community support to encourage the protection of endangered species such as the  "paiche"  a   freshwater fish , variety of  monkeys,       diferent palms as  "aguaje" , and big  trees as the lupuna. 
3. Working directly with village artisans to promote the replacement of animal products such as feathers, claws and skins with sustainable alternatives       in the creation of local handicrafts.
4. Helping Students Schools needs lacated  at Yanamono Community on the shores of the Amazon River close to Heliconia Amazon  River Lodge
San Pedro de Manatí is a small village on the Amazon River, located 100 km from the city of Iquitos, Peru.  The population includes 80 school-age children, but they do not have enought school supplies,  to help their learning.
San Pedro de Manatí is a beautiful oasis in the jungle.  The villagers travel by boat, as there are no cars nor roads, and they depend heavily on the Amazon river for the fish and water it supplies.  Because they are so connected to their environment, they also know how to care for it.  Signs are posted throughout the village reminding people to take care of the land, not to litter or pollute, and there is no trash to be seen on the ground.  The kids learn the basics of a sustainable life from their parents and schoolteachers, and many hope to go on to college in the city and study medicine, engineering, business, and more.  Any help is much appreciated, thank you!