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Iquitos City

Welcome to Iquitos, your gateway to South America's greatest rainforest, a unique tropical metropolis and the capital of its biggest region, Loreto. You can only access it by air; however, its rainforest areas down and up river on the Amazon are among the most accessible of the Peruvian Amazon basin. It is home to the best original jungle lodges in the country, including the Heliconia Lodge, which is already on its fifth decade of ecotourism, just a few hours by boat. Because the region is the most visited and progressed in the Peruvian Amazon, it has prospered into a vibrant rainforest capital now teeming with activity and surprisingly, night life. Whether it’s for a jungle journey, mystical retreat, for business travel or incentive conference this thriving city will entice you to stay awhile.
  • Explore the town’s iconic attractions: Casa de Fierro, or Iron House, which was designed by Gustave Eiffel;
  • Visit the riverfront promenade Malecón Tarapacá facing the Amazon River, lined with several exquisite 19th-century mansions, relics from the rubber heyday, lined with Portuguese glazed tiles, or azulejos;
  • Board your boat to the Amazon River and its confluence and tributaries from Puerto Bellavista or simply cruise down the river, where you can appreciate the difference in water colors (muddy brown and black), passing beaches, and a handful of local communities;
  • Check out Parque/Laguna De Quistococha -- A nature recreation park, about 13km (8 miles) south, with a nice beach and swimming area and a zoo nearby. 
Access and Transport
From Lima, fly to Iquitos via domestic airlines with several flights daily. 90-minute flight.